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Akela Népe Kennel

Look at the puppies !!

2018.05.15. In the Akela People Kennel, the puppies are developing vigorously, both litters are healthy. Look at the pictures! “P” litter: Barak x Brita “R” litter: Sokol x Kara-Baska  

Akela Népe Kennel – Were born

03/26/2018. Brita’s puppies were born on 21 March 2018. 3 dogs + 5 bitches. Barak X Brita Album:

Puppies are waiting for the Akela Népe Kennel

2018.03.16. 1st litter. Expected birth: from 2018.03.16 About the parents: Mother: Brita, Father: Barak The mother: Brita: Serbian import, authentic shepherd’s ancestors. His parents came from Kosovo, the Sar Mountains, Restelica. About the photos, pedigree, can be found on our website on the following link: Akela Népe Kennel – Dogs – Brita The father: Barak: […]

Another female arrived to Karabas for pairing

2015.12.08-09. This time from Slovakia. Mr. András Polgár brought his female dog called Drena Faundland to pair with Karabas. Drena is a robust, extremly strong bitch. Unfortunately Karabas had an other pairing few days before but Drena’s level of progesterone was given, she was at the peak of ovulation so there was nothing to be […]

A female from Restelica arrived to Karabas for pairing

05/12/2015. Karabas was happy to welcome an other female. This time from Restelica. Restelica is located in the Sar-Mountains, 1100km from us. Karabas was born there more then 8 years ago. The bitch is called Blanka. Her owner is Murat Mussalar, the son of Isa Mussalar. Isa is the original breeder of Karabash. We would […]

Akela Népe Kennel: L litter, the puppies were 9-10 weeks old

2015 11 25th 9-10 weeks old The pups received their second vaccination as well. The vet gave the chip, registered them and issued them the health of their book. The balance of power seem to be decided. Lupo male holds the leading position. The bitches in feeding even trying sometimes, but come back in no […]

Karabas male to female arrived from Serbia pairing again!

Karabas bitch came back to Serbia pairing!Karabas loves fruit. Last bitch named Alma hedged Karabas, from which puppies were born just a few days of the Romai Mandula friend’s kennel. Now Strawberry Bitch soon arrived to Serbia. Breed known as Strawberry od Rase Temerinaca. I asked for a drink of photos, a copy of pedigree […]

Akela Népe Kennel L litter, the puppies 8 weeks old

2015 11th 14th 8 weeks old Intelligence In rare cases, only a dream that one sex is tilted in favor and a good balance of properties, the more of a subject. I have been my vice bitch. But Lupo male nice curve evolves. Mentally as well. Very brave doggy, you can talk back to your […]

Akela Népe Kennel: L litter, 4 weeks old puppies

4 weeks old 2015.10.13. Album: Ethology  I do not know what I would have been when I grow up. But now ethologist would I be if I could live in it. When I was a kid, the best of nature films nailed in front of the television. My grandfather and my father were pastoralists, […]

Akela Népe Kennel: L litter, 3 weeks old the puppies

Album: 09/10/2015. 3 weeks old In memoriam When I told my friend Gyula Bodnar, much of the work breastfeed puppies, just nodded and said: “. I was involved in it twice,” Gyula was called Sila od Pece import a bitch, what a pot As soon mating in Serbia. Beautiful little ones were born, but […]