Excursion to Belgrade and Special Exhibition in Temerin

2017.06.24. In April, we visited a special exhibition in Temerin (Serbia), and we linked it to see old and new kennels. We tried to focus on finding the authentic dogs we preferred, but of course we were open to getting to know all dogs. Especially an Aga dog caught us , and after the Temerini […]

Akela Népe Kennel: Newer breeds

  Newer breeds. Karabas new breeding bitches arrived. Both are from Bosnia. An interesting coincidence is that when we went to Vojvodina with Gyula Eper litter to choose of the first-choice pup, before it appeared in a few days. The female was on top that day, as we were out there. I took my Karabas, […]

Puppy is for sale!

The father is my Karabas Restelicki. The mother is Eper od Rase Temerinaca, winner of the Serbian Special Exhibition for Sarplaninac. For more information about the meeting of Karabas and Eper please read my previous articles on our website where you can find available photos as well. The litter was born in Serbia in a […]

2 days in Serbia

2 days in Serbia 2016 02 10th Album: http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/hu/kepek-kutyak-szerbiabandogs-in-serbia/ Zsolt, Imre and I, we were in Serbia two days in order to buy Imre breeding bitch. We have already seen in advance the target bitches, but the merits only a personal meeting could bring. In the meantime, we visited a few, even in the kennel […]

CAC and Derby Exhibition, Debeljaca

CAC and Derby Exhibition, Debeljaca, 2015.10.25. Album: http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/hu/kepek-2015-debeljaca-cac/ This was the very first exhibition for my new male dog called Sokol. I brought him from Kosovo. I was excited because he has never been exposed by so many different stimulus before. I am always happy to visit Debeljaca, me and my friends have been there many […]

Special Exhibition for Sarplaninac, Litomerice, Czech Republic, 2015.05.23

Special Exhibition for Sarplaninac, Litomerice, Czech Republic, 2015.05.23 Album: http://www.sarplaninac-kennel.hu/hu/kepek-2015-sarplaninac-klubkiallitasexhibition-litomerice/ The exhibition was held in a nice place and we had lovely weather. The Czech Sarplaninac Club -to raise the standart- invited Bratimír Bjelica from Serbia to be the judge of the event. His name was the first i learned among the serbian breeders 20 years […]