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Római Mandula Kennel

Were born to Muri-Emir and Meo puppies.

2019-05-13   7 puppies were born, 4 male and 3 female. Puppies are healthy, Meon has milk. Their color is quite dark, a lighter kid puppy, expected to inherit their mother’s color. They were born with roughly the same weight.

New pairing in the Római Mandula Kennel!!

03/10/2019 The new pairing:  Muri-Emir x Meo Muri-Emir is a young, rugged male dog with dark, imposing hair and excellent nervous system. Meo is also young, yellow, bouncy, lively, with good guarding qualities. Puppies are expected to be born in mid-May. Album a szukáról: Videó a szuka kutyáról: Album a kanról : Videó a kanról: […]

Római Mandula Kennel: Emir was one year old

2018. 12. 23. Emir was one year old. Who would think a little puppy would be such a huge dog. I didn’t even think it would be 73 cm at the age of 1, and although his fur is not small yet, he hasn’t dressed up, the puppy’s head is still there. And still a […]

Római Mandula Kennel: The puppies are 9 weeks old

01/13/2016 Some of the puppies are gone. They have started a new life with their new owners. I can see, the remaining puppies are a bit sad and puzzled. The life has become a little boring, the days are not so busy. They must turn their lifestyle into a „reduced mode”. Their eyes and their […]

Római Mandula Kennel: The puppies 7 weeks old

2012.12.30. hey are 7 weeks old. In many cases, this is the age when they are puppies to new owners. Many people like to take as soon as possible, that they socialize the puppy. They were given their first injection, will be the next two weeks. The allocated chicken back, or breast bone more firmly […]

Római Mandula Kennel: The puppies 6 weeks old

12/23/2015. I confess, I used to look at that Zsolt friend that found in the dreams of the same age. I’m trying to compare the development of the puppy. Ranking has not yet emerged, in my view, different weights and sizes at this age still decisive. But you had seen one another, to more vigorous, […]

Római Mandula Kennel: The puppies 4 weeks old

2015.12.10   4 weeks old puppies. Play coals ware (game only), eat, sleep. They start to learn about their environment. There’s no receipt to the mother, is followed everywhere. The needle-sharp teeth came out. It’s been a week of helping the little ones to feed into Alma. Album:

Puppies were born!! Római Mandula Kennel

11/11/2015. Sarplaninac puppies for sale Sellers of the Római Mandula Kennel was born male and female puppies .. Date of birth: 11/11/2015. Takeaway: from mid-January 2016 The puppies will be vaccinated 2x, 3x folded worm. Parents: Karabas Restelicki X Apple Father: Karabas Restelicki, rustic-looking, dominant, good male character from Kosovo. A number of specialized international […]