Another female arrived to Karabas for pairing

This time from Slovakia. Mr. András Polgár brought his female dog called Drena Faundland to pair with Karabas. Drena is a robust, extremly strong bitch. Unfortunately Karabas had an other pairing few days before but Drena’s level of progesterone was given, she was at the peak of ovulation so there was nothing to be done.
I have known András for a long time. He is an all-round judge, experienced newfoundland and sarplaninac breeder. It was an honour he chose my Karabash.
Drena is the granddaughter of the famous Bona owned by Srdjan Dinic. Many breeder have been working on keeping that breedline, hoping to regain her exceptional skills. After all that is what the breeding is all about. Not letting the results of many people’s work to be wasted.
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