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Római Mandula Kennel

Római Mandula Kennel: The puppies 4 weeks old

2015.12.10   4 weeks old puppies. Play coals ware (game only), eat, sleep. They start to learn about their environment. There’s no receipt to the mother, is followed everywhere. The needle-sharp teeth came out. It’s been a week of helping the little ones to feed into Alma. Album:

Puppies were born!! Római Mandula Kennel

11/11/2015. Sarplaninac puppies for sale Sellers of the Római Mandula Kennel was born male and female puppies .. Date of birth: 11/11/2015. Takeaway: from mid-January 2016 The puppies will be vaccinated 2x, 3x folded worm. Parents: Karabas Restelicki X Apple Father: Karabas Restelicki, rustic-looking, dominant, good male character from Kosovo. A number of specialized international […]