Puppies were born in Akela Népe Kennel!!

The puppies were born in the Akela Népe Kennel on March 11, 2020. 3 males and 5 females.

After a gap of 2 years we finally had a litter. I took 2 of my bitches to Serbia several times to mate, but the bitches did not become pregnant. One time when I was mating with breeder Dejan Lukic, we saw a temperamental male Oscar. Luckily, a dear lady friend of ours just wanted to buy a boar and asked for our opinion. My friend Gyula Bodnár and I immediately recommended Oscar. He was 22 months old then. The male has flaws in appearance, but his brain is very clean. That’s how I chose the Oscar.

About parents:

The father:

Oskar Serbian import male. Localized, breed-inspected, medium-strong, temperamental, dominant male. At 22 months, she fitted in perfectly with the new environment and herd. His new owners know the area entrusted to him safely, because he has a very serious action against strangers.

The mother:

is the offspring of Serbian import parents. She is a very temperamental, excellent area guard bitch, supported by the videos below. He is humble with us, but with his masters. Photos of him, pedigreet, can be found on our website at the following link:

You can find photos of your previous apples at this link:

Baska’s father is my favorite male, Karabas Restelicki, whom I imported from Restelica in the Sar Mountains. Karabas Serbian National Champion, Absolute Winner of Shepherd Dog Meeting. The results of the exhibition and photos of it can also be found on our website at the following link:

Videos about Baska:

You can see Oscar and Baska the parent couple together in this video:

You can find the photos of the pairing here: S-litter pairing (link)

The puppies will be sent to the new owner with veterinary care appropriate for their age, a health book and chips.

Find out with confidence: Zsolt Csapó
Tel: 30/9606100

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