Római Mandula Kennel: The puppies 6 weeks old


I confess, I used to look at that Zsolt friend that found in the dreams of the same age. I’m trying to compare the development of the puppy.

Ranking has not yet emerged, in my view, different weights and sizes at this age still decisive. But you had seen one another, to more vigorous, more active, constantly looking for a game or a fight. In my experience, this does not mean that now more passive, the later the remains. The neural processes, not all puppy dog ​​works the same way, some of the later stabilizes the nervous system. They will be more confident, more courageous. Of course, this also can be a very long time, it can take up to two years. We humans are not the same ripening, who later have achieved the “soft head”. A single pup is easier to prepare the environment at this age. A litter else to learn.

I do not’m feeding them separately, but people eat a bowl. This has its pros and cons. The advantage of the flock instinct strengthen and technically simpler downside is that there are better and faster eaters. It is violent. Faster to eat because of hunger stay. As long as there are grunts, while you still can, so that they can give me.

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