The kennel was formed in 1984.

I have been dealing with this breed since 1985. I bought my first Sarplaninac in 1985, it was the 67th in the country. It was called Bucskó. It jumped over a fence of 3,30 m high. When it walked, his tail was always up, it felt it was the king, and it looked at the other dogs in this way. I fell in love with this breed. It is characterized by calmness, strenght and harmonic movement.

I bought my next puppy at an exhibition in Serbia, more precisely I swapped it for a camera. It happened in 1987. The dog was called Boa, the incorruptible. When it was offered some sausage, Boa accepted it but then it bit the hand that wanted to go on making free with it. On a neighbouring building site a worker wearing a quilted coat was working next to the fence. He will always remember Boa who grabbed the man’s coat from behind and released it only when the coat was unbuttoned off the man.

I bought Sila in 1990 from Peca (Gvozdenovic Predrag, Serbian judge). Sila did not like two-stroke engines though there were many of them in the country at that time. Sometimes it wanted to attack the cars. Once a poster of David Hasselhoff made it annoyed. While I was drinking my soft drink at a table, it started to run towards the poster snarling.

Sila had two great puppies: Római Mandula Arras and Római Mandula Dik. Both have achieved outstanding results. Dik stayed with me. Its best exhibition result is the 3rd place at the European Exhibition and the 4th place at the World Exhibition.

Once I took Dik to a Special exhibition in Serbia. After the exhibition we participated in the courage test. Where there were about 15 participants and my dog was the 7th in line. The assistant stopped in front of my dog. Dik flattened on the ground, it did not bark, then right after the assistant’s attack it jumped at him and did not let him. The Serbian audience started to shout in surprise and applauded. It happened in 1994, during wartime. At the end of the test the audience applauded us back, and we got the winner’s cup.

That time was the heyday period of the Sarplaninc in Hungary. There were 70 dogs participating in the spring club exhibition. Now this number is only a tenth of it.

As for my rearing, I also waited for the right dog.

I brought Bronson (Charles) from Kragujevac in 1998. I named this dog in this way when it was a puppy, but it grew so stocky as the actor was. Brute force, incredible calmness and beautiful movement characterized it. It was not afraid of anything. It got its greatest exhibition success at the age of 7 at the 5th Sarplaninac International Special Exhibition (ISC) in Budapest. It competed in veteran category and got the winner prize.

It passed away in 2009, one year after its last daughter Miss Riffkin died.

I brought Soni besides Bronson in 2001. She was my cleverest Sarplaninac. Unfortunately, it passed away in the summer of 2013. It could open every kind of locks, it had such amazing problem solving skills. It was beautiful and hard like a diamond. It did not like and tolerate anybody except for the family members. It was a real mother queen.

Zara came to my rearing from Kosovo in 2009. It is the “Big She” (70 cm tall). It is extremely strong, it has a broad back and a beautiful head. It comes from one of the biggest and most acknowledged kennels where its fellows still guard herds.

Zara’s puppy, Római Mandula Juma got the winner award in pupilary category at Budapest World Exhibition in 2013.

Barcas got into my rearing as a puppy at the end of 2009. It is the rugged guard dog of my family, I do not breed with him.

New hope my female named: Alma

2014. 02.

Gyula Bodnár